Surgical Monitor Screen Protectors | Social Medical
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Welcome to Socialâ„¢ Medical


Social Medical is a subsidiary of Social LLC, a successful consumer retail company with a specialized focus on mobile device protection and accessories. Recognizing a demand in the consumer market for antimicrobial screen protection, Social LLC began research and development of a medical grade, polyurethane material with embedded antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.


What Products Do We Protect?


Why Social Medical?


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Anti-Microbial Protection

Our film is an EPA approved anti-microbial film. Perfect for high risk applications.

Damage Protection

Our ultra-high impact material has been tested to withstand the rigors of performing every day.

Chemical Resistance

Our polyurethane based film can resist the harshest of chemicals to maintain your HD screen integrity.

Replenishment Program

We have quarterly or bi-annual programs to replenish your screen protector product. New protectors are automatically sent to you so that your equipment is always protected.

Easy Installation

Our self-applying, zero-bubble, easy-install design ensures that your screen protector will be installed perfectly and in just a few seconds.

Low Cost Peace of Mind

Our screen protectors will help maintain the integrity of your HD Monitors and touch screen equipment.